Swish Fashion Photo Shoot: Recap

Written by Kathryn Mathews on Feb 28, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Tuesday and Wednesday, last week was the Swish Fashion photo shoot, which means we starting to prepare for our next season. Very busy day but so productive! So, excited for the next range and we hope you are too. Here are some quick happy snaps from the day! 


The hard work has begun! #hardwork #SwishFashion #photoshoot



Paolo (photographer), Anita Carmody (Owner and Designer) and Roma (Designer) discussing how good the images are!  #gloryimages #best #Photoshoot



How lovely does your model Bel look in this beautiful fit and flare dress? #SwishFashion #BelIsBeautiful 


That is serious concentration #concentration #SwishFashion



The beautiful makup artist Mel, creating a masterpiece. #mel #forevermakeup #SwishFashion. See more of Mel's work


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